Reformation Coffee Company is a small specialty roaster in Springfield, MO.  We pride ourselves on providing time and attention to freshly roasted, high quality coffee.  We seek to provide a superior product and service all to the glory of God.

Fifteen years ago Brandon started roasting coffee in our kitchen as the hobby of a coffee lover. He began by using a stove top Whirley Pop popcorn popper that he made modifications to.  At that time, Reformation Coffee Company didn’t exist as anything other than a far off dream in my mind. Next, I upgraded to a 1 lb roaster and started roasting great coffee for myself and my wife, Kassy.  This is when Reformation Coffee Company started to become a reality and I began taking small orders from friends and family.

Today, I use a 5 lb roaster which allows me to roast more coffee yet still keeps up the tradition of roasting in small batches.  This is where you come into the picture.
This past year, officially becoming Reformation Coffee Company and opening our online store, has been a dream come true for me and my wife.  We love serving our customers and hearing how much they enjoy drinking our coffee.

For us, our goal is to build into Christendom through serving the Reformed Christian Community by providing the highest quality coffee and thus, reforming our community’s coffee habits as much as they’ve reformed their theology. Make no mistake, our intention is to be THE coffee company to our Reformed community and convince churches to stop supporting woke, feminist, and godless multinational coffee companies.

And while we are determined to primarily serve the Reformed Community, you can be certain that our coffee is so great that even a Catholic will love it.

I wanted to share with you some goals we’ve made for ourselves and our company recently.

  1. We will serve God and glorify his name with our business.
  2. We will strive to serve you the highest quality, freshly roasted coffee.
  3. We will roast your coffee within three business days of your order.*
  4. We will ship your coffee within four business days of your order.*

*Large orders of 15 or more lbs will take longer to fulfill.  We will contact you with an approximate ship date.

With this being said, we would like to invite you back as a customer of Reformation Coffee Company.

With every new subscription, your first 12oz bag of coffee is absolutely FREE. Use this one time code, when you subscribe, to get your free bag.  CODE: SUBFREE

Thank you for your support and business,
Brandon Lansdown